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Koi TV®'s trip to 2016 Nozomi Young Koi Show at Pan Intercorp
Sumi Promod
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Koi TV®'s trip to 2016 Nozomi Young Koi Show at Pan Intercorp

Kenmore, Washington


What a great show! Even though it was a one day show, it was amazing. They had over 160 fish entered to the show with wonderful gifts and raffles. Pan Intercorp conducted this wonderful show with great turn outs. Grant Fujita was the judge. I'm sure he had a tough time evaluating these gorgeous fish. This was the first time I have seen so many tanchos' entered at a koi show. They had few of their customers do a grow out which also had been entered to the show. Oh boy, was that a koi show or what? So many varieties of fish and great people. For few of the winners this was actually their first time showcasing their collection.  I must say all their effort has paid off with so many fish entered and so many new comers into this hobby. Pan Intercorp offered to those who were interested in showcasing their fish but can't bag or transport them they took care of this for them. That is something new too.  Good job guys and thank you for extending your hand out to those in need.

Grand champion winner was our dear friend Bill Tullis, all of his collection had such good body confirmation. It wasn't a surprise at all, that he would take home the trophies. He definitely earned it. Gwen A. took the Reserve championship.  Gwen and Jay have been in the hobby for the past few years. For more details watch the video that will be coming soon.

Gwen was also their show chair for this year. She managed everything to the final details.  Gwen and Jay had few of their collection at this show. 

We also got to experience a mighty rain, I mean it was raining cats and dogs. Towards the end of the show rain just decided to pour down like crazy. I hope everyone got home safe and sound. 'Til next year.. See ya.

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