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Koi TV®'s trip to 2016 Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society Koi Show
Sumi Promod
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Koi TV®'s trip to 2016 Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society Koi Show

Roseburg, Oregon

This was one of those trip we look forward to. We as a family enjoy these long drives. Although we aimed to get out at 11 AM we got delayed till 3:20 PM. Yup, things just happens! No excuses.. Usually it just takes 3 to 4 hours for us to reach Roseburg but this time, we beat that record. It took us close to 6 hours to reach the Koi Show site. Even with the bad traffic we managed to have a peaceful drive. First couple of hours all the kids slept which was good because we were bumper to bumper those few hours and the next few hours we all relied on music. We as parents got to experience some of the new trend from our kids. Oh boy, was that an experience or what? Time do fly. The changes are hard to believe. Our oldest has been asking for a cell phone. I don’t know if I’m ready to have that gadget to take over. Now a day’s at least he will tell me where he is and what he is up to. When cell phone is here I don’t think I will hear his voice like I hear now. I’m scared if it’s going to be more question answer conversation thereafter.

Our trip to Roseburg Koi Show

Our setup went really fast this time, may be because our boys were also helping. ;) No we didn’t bribe them, I think they did that out of pity J anyways we got the job done in an hour and half and reached our beautiful location at Norm’s motel. Have you ever been to Norm's motel? If you haven't please make arrangements to check that place out. It is Beautiful!  If you like peace and quiet then this is the place for you. I really like it because the drive is so nice. On the way to Norm's it is full of nature just bursting out. Creek, deer, fishing, peacefulness throughout, I mean seriously trees with moss just covering the sunshine rays, beautiful sound of the creek and no traffic. Being in the town is great and all but once in a while we need a break like this. Just to sit and relax.

On our way to Norm's Motel

Norm's motel has been modified. Just beautiful throughout. We got the big one this time. Ok, as you enter to the motel there is a breath taking view of his pond where you will just stop and  mesmerize at those fish swimming through the water so gracefully. For a moment we'll be in dreamland. Thank you Norm for this great place, your lovely staff and  their hospitality. Made us all feel right at home. We will be back soon..

Norm's Koi Pond at the Motel

We started off early in the morning on Saturday to finish up some of the final touches of our Koi Crafts booth before we open to the public.  The weather was very nice, not too warm or not too cold. Sherm's thunderbird have some good selection of ice creams. There were not many foot traffic but it was pleasant. Our main focus is to support this Koi hobby.  This time there were not much fish entered to the show, oh I'd say roughly 40 fish. This is the lowest I have seen. Kids were kind of bored so Promod went and bought Frisbee, bubbles, hula hoops, and soft ball and bats. Once we got them settled we were ok.  I'm sure  if we all pull together we can change that.  We were also sad to hear about some of the our dear friend's passing away. Could it be that? I don’t know. We definitely have to pull some strings to get this hobby going again. I have heard over the years of all the champions we had and people entering from California, Washington, Portland, and Idaho. Where did that go? We missed a lot of familiar faces at this show. Hopefully that will change in coming years.

Grand Champion and Reserve Champion

This year Oregon Koi and Water Garden Society had a great expert to judge.  Steve Drake did an awesome job in judging and evaluating each fish. Our friends from Idaho took the Championship trophy. The Olsons' won the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion titles. Very proud moment for them and also great to see these fish. 

Norman Call and Steve Drake

On Sunday we were heading out from Norm's to the show where a deer ran in to our car. Don’t worry Promod was driving very carefully! Deer is ok but, our Audi is damaged. This was our first time a deer hitting our car. I guess there is a first time for everything. Front right side signal light and bumper is wrecked. God only knows how that’s going to go. I'm glad everyone is safe and that we didn’t kill the deer. Scary moment for all of us. 

Koi Crafts Booth

Sunday around 2:30 we started to pack up. Few of the things I like about going to Roseburg show is we get see our friends, a peaceful drive, enjoy the scenery, attend a Koi show and also do my grocery shopping all at once. I love it. I was ready for my week. Being the last week of school this was a perfect get a way. 

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