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Jane Maneerat
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Jane Maneerat

Koi Photographer

Sawadee Krub (Hello in Thai), my name is Jane and I am from Thailand. 

Between DSLR cameras and Koi, it was definitely Koi that I knew first. I have been a Koi keeper since 2003. I like it very much that's why I built my own Koi pond where I live. To understand the developments of Koi, a good camera is always helpful. My first camera was a compact camera. One day, there was this owner of a Fish Magazine, who was interested in taking pictures of my Koi. When I saw the Koi photos that he took I simply fell in love and I was eager to know more about Koi photography and DSLR cameras.

I have been learning about DSLRs for nearly two years. I have been following around this Fish Magazine trying to attend every event of Koi show in Thailand.

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