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Ogata Koi Farm
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Ogata Koi Farm


Representative Director Manabu Ogata 
Yubinbango830-0071 Fukuoka Prefecture Kurume Yasutakemachitakeshima 2712 
TEL: 0942-27-2519 FAX: 0942-27-2180 

<Europe Branches> 
representative Ogata KotobukiKo 
Address: Im Dorner 12, 60388 Frankfurt / M, GERMANY 
TEL: Tasu 49-6109-23023 FAX: Tasu 49-6109-23638 

Ogata Koi Farm of history
Ogata Yokoijo is, in 1972, started as a privately run than the grounds of 40 ares, then business expansion, we have been working to improve the quality of Koi. 
Thirty years later, now, there are 8 breeding houses with 50 tons of more than 6 trout, 5 fish ponds of 1 hectare or more, 3 fish ponds of 3 ha or more, 3 farming live ponds totaling 26 hectares It expanded to business, and grew to become a stock company with 15 employees. In addition, at the All Nippon Nishikigo Koi Kaikyo which is said to be a world event competing Nishikigoi's beauty, "Red Maiko" representing the Ogata Koi Ferry at the 21st Convention won the overall overall victory, and each year, National Pig award, classified by category We have won numerous big prizes including overall victory, type 1 Japan Prize. 
Ogata Koi Plant all employees are making daily efforts for further growth in future.

The history of Koi
The Company began the export of Koi than 1980. Initially, the partner country was also in several countries in Southeast Asia such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand, export volume was about 30% of domestic sales, but since 1985, the export volume continues to increase year after year, In the United States and Southeast Asia, we have expanded our distribution channels to Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam in addition to the original Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand. I am proud that the Nishikigoi of Ogata Koi Ferry is loved by people all over the world like this is the high quality of the carp and the service spirit of all the staff.

1955 February 11, 2011 Kurume-shi, Fukuoka-born 
local elementary school, I graduated from junior high school, graduated from the prestigious "Akiyoshi high school" as Shingakuko. 
Simultaneously with high school graduation, he studied under Mr. Ichiro Ueno who is called "Nishikigoi's god" at the well-known Nishikigoi shop "Izumiya Koi Ferry" in Niigata Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, and training for 6 years. 
Currently serve as the head of the Kyushu district of All Nippon Nishiki Promotion Organization.


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