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Water Garden Club of South Texas

Texas, USA

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Our Club is all about creating a family of individuals that share the common love of ponds, water gardens, fish, plants and all the beauty and intrigue this hobby has to offer!Whether you are brand new to water gardening and have a small 40 gallon water feature or you've had Koi for many years in your Jurassic 30,000 gallon Koi pond, we invite you to join the family!
With monthly meetings and events, newsletters and emails, members are always informed of what's hot and new! Special discounts on pond equipment, fish meds, and water plants are often extended to members.

​If not a member yet, feel free to stop in at one of our monthly meetings (check our Calendar page for more details). Get to know the many wonderful members that make the Water Garden Club of South Texas the best club in Texas! Always loads of information, excellent lectures/discussions, and friendly, smiling faces. So stop in, check out the club, and immerse yourself in a wonderful group of people that share your passion for water gardening!

ZNA Southern California Koi Club

California, USA

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Started in 1972, ZNA Southern California Chapter (ZNA SoCAL), began as the US extension of the vision formed through the parent Japan organization. The motto of Friendship through scales has been and continues to be the core of our organization. The following statement was written on the 25th anniversary of our club by the then president; Chris Bushman. His words are timeless and remain true to today.

ZNA Potomac Koi Club

Penn Virginia Maryland

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Short Description: ZNA Potomac Koi Club is a ZNA chapter affiliated with AKCA that has members in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas.
General Information: ZNA Potomac Koi Club is a ZNA chapter affiliated with AKCA that has members in the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland areas. We host a wide variety of koi related events including our Annual ZNA Potomac Spring Koi Auction fundraiser and our Annual ZNA Potomac Koi Show in early September.
Mission: To promote and educate people about the koi hobby in our region.

Piedmont Koi & Watergarden Society

North Carolina

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Founded on September 1, 1991
Address: Charlotte, North Carolina
Short Description: The mission and purpose of the club is to create, promote and enlarge the hobby of keeping, breeding, appreciating and exhibiting goldfish, koi, and water gardens.
General Information: Meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month. The meetings are primarily held at club member houses in Charlotte and the surrounding counties. We welcome anyone with a passion or an interest in the koi or water garden hobby. We conduct field trips throughout the year to different koi breeders as well as member ponds. The club has been known to put on a koi show, a pond tour, and a koi sale during the year. Members and non-members are welcome to attend any event.


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