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Atlanta Koi Club


Our 2016Officers

Elected Officers that constitute the Executive Committee: Please note if you want to email an officer, replace the word "at" and space on either side of it with the @ symbol.

President Diane Giangrande
Vice-President Jerry Johnson
Secretary David Pugh
Treasurer Ron Scott
Equipment Manager Gary Elmore

Officers appointed by the President:

Membership Chairperson Melanie Onushko
Auction Chairperson Gary Elmore
Koi Show Chairperson Diane Giangrande and Jerry Johnson
Pond Tour Chairperson Melanie Onushko tour at
Public Relations Director Karoy and Cheryl Jacobs
AKCA Director Gary Elmore
Volunteer Coordinator JoANN Elmore
Newsletter Editor Bob Chaffer
Webmaster David Marier


2016 Atlanta Koi Club. All Rights Reserved.

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