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Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Society
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Bakersfield Koi and Water Garden Society


The Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society (BK&WGS) is a non-profit organization. BKWGS is also a member of Associated Koi Clubs of America. Our focus is to promote, educate, and support the hobby of Koi keeping and water gardening in Southern San Joaquin Valley.

We hold monthly meetings for members and other participants with common interests and provide a variety of activities such as Koi Shows, Pond Tours, Koi Auctions, etc. BK&WGS can assist members in Koi keeping, water gardening, pond design and construction as well as breeding, feeding, and taking care of fish.

BK&WGS website is a place where you can find photos, links to other Koi clubs, Koi sales/exchange, event sponsors and vendors.

BK&WGS welcomes your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact using the contact form.
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