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Koi and Water garden Club of North Texas
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Koi and Water garden Club of North Texas


The Koi and Water Gardening Club of North Texas (An Associated Koi Clubs of America(AKCA) affiliated koi club) was formed in 1993 to promote fellowship and to create a rich and diverse community among people enthusiastic about koi keeping and water gardening.

First and foremost, KWGCNT is a social club centered on a common interest. We meet monthly, usually on the second Saturday of the month at a member’s home or business pond for socializing, fellowship and to enjoy good food, drink and company. The KWGCNT is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and draws its members from the North Central Texas Region.

The KWGCNT sponsors several lectures, exhibitions and other related events for members and the community that we serve. These include training on koi keeping and koi health, pond water quality, filtration systems and strategies, the care and keeping of water and marginal plants, landscaping and aesthetic balance and other topics of interest to our members.

The KWGCNT has ongoing relationships with several reputable corporate sponsors who specialize in Koi and Goldfish keeping and water gardening, including landscaping.

Although some KWGCNT members have or will participate in koi shows, many members do not and it's not required to be a member.

KWGCNT member ponds vary in size from 200 gallons to 50,000 gallons. Some members do not yet have ponds or are just considering a water feature for their home. Some members prefer formal ponds, while others like a natural setting with waterfalls. Some members are avid and talented gardeners and have manicured and immaculate gardens with water features, while others have ponds amidst rocks and boulders. Many members enjoy water plants while others focus strictly on environments for their wet pets. Variety is encouraged and promoted.

KWGCNT is open to all interested parties, whether or not they live in or near the North Central Texas Region. The club invites people from all over the state of Texas and southern Oklahoma to become members.

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