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Koi Club of Middle Tennessee
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Koi Club of Middle Tennessee


Short Description: Our Koi Club was formed to provide information to people interested in the hobby of raising or keeping Koi in outdoor ponds.
Long Description:The Koi Club of Middle Tennessee is a non-profit organization formed in May 2003 to promote, create and enlarge the fascinating hobby of “Nishikigoi”. We are the first true Koi club in the State. Our membership ranges from novice to advanced Koi keepers, from commercial members who build ponds, to those who supply koi food, pond equipment and offer quality domestic and imported Koi. This diversity is an asset to our membership.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for members to improve their skills in “the science of Koi keeping”, where we share the pride of good Koi husbandry and the joy of sharing our experiences.

KCMT usually meets at 2:00 pm, on the fourth Saturday or Sunday of the month, or at the call of the president, for social events, seminars and guest speakers. Please watch this page, email us, or check our website to be informed of the next meeting date, time and location.
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