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Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc.
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Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc.


Address: Greater Metro Phoenix and surrounding areas, Phoenix, Arizona 85044

Short Description: To educate, inform and promote the hobby of keeping, appreciating, breeding and exhibiting Koi

Our goal is to educate the public on the needs of Koi Husbandry.
We provide education and support to the public on Koi health. 
We support several local area charities such as the Japanese Friendship Gardens in providing volunteer support throughout the year in Koi Health, support with the pond systems, and educational events.

Long Description: Please check out our Web site at: HTTP://WWW.VSKC.NET/
We are the Greater Phoenix - Valley of the Sun Koi Club.
We are filing to become an Arizona Non Profit Organization
The club does Education on Koi raising, Koi Rescue, and Koi Health education.
We do monthly meetings on the 3rd Sunday from September until May, to teach about Koi, pond health, and community outreach efforts.
We support the Japanese Friendship Garden and their Koi pond, Koi Rescue efforts in the valley as well.
Check out our web site for meeting locations (WWW.VSKC.NET)
We do an Annual Koi show which is a major event to demonstrate the Koi hobby with an awards dinner to honor the winners for that year.
To learn more and become involved - check us out at our web site.

General Information:Annual dues is $20/year
The Valley of the Sun Koi Club, Inc. is an educational group of Koi enthusiasts serving the greater Phoenix area. The club has active members from throughout the Valley of the Sun and the surrounding areas (as far north as Sedona and as far south as Tucson).
Our meetings are normally held the third Sunday of each month, September through May with no meetings scheduled during the Summer Season. The monthly meetings begin at 1:30 PM at a different member’s home to view their pond(s). The formal business and educational meeting begins at 2:00 PM with a brief club business review followed by an educational session where both in club and out of club topic specialists discuss the various aspects of Koi; from pond construction, to health maintenance, to disease prevention and treatment, to algae control, to…well, you name it!
For all of the members the club is an experienced resource that will allow each and every member to learn, understand and enjoy the art of keeping of Koi. Our focus is educational with a strong orientation toward information sharing, and problem solving.

Mission: The Mission Statement of our club is as follows:
"To educate, inform and promote the hobby of keeping, appreciating, breeding and exhibiting Koi"
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