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Vermillion Goldfish Club
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Vermillion Goldfish Club


Start Date: Founded on June 10, 2003
Description: We are a group of Goldfish Hobbyist that come together to share the interest of Goldfish keeping and to foster goodwill and friendship internationally.

The Vermillion Goldfish is the first Goldfish Club in Singapore founded on 10 June, 2003 by Alvin Lim and a group of avid hobbyists.

When the club was formed, many of the members were already experienced outdoor Goldfish keepers who appreciate that the sunlight and natural environment are the
key elements contributing to the success for optimum Goldfish development. 

In fact, long before the founding of the club, our group of avid hobbyists were already engaged in the pond-renting programme as an alternative to grooming their Goldfish indoors in their home apartment. At the farm pond renting facility, members gather every weekend to enjoy Goldfish keeping, sharing of experience and most important of all, foster friendships.

We have just over 20 avid members comprising of people from all walks of life. The common Goldfish hobby brings everyone together during the weekends in a rented farm located in the rural areas where we relax in this wonderful hobby, foster our friendships and research on Goldfish keeping techniques.

The missions of our club are:
- to promote the interest of Goldfish keeping
- to promote research and study of treatment and materials pertaining to Goldfish keeping
- to foster goodwill and friendship amongst local hobbyists and abroad

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