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ZNA Southern California Koi Club
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ZNA Southern California Koi Club

California, USA

Started in 1972, ZNA Southern California Chapter (ZNA SoCAL), began as the US extension of the vision formed through the parent Japan organization. The motto of Friendship through scales has been and continues to be the core of our organization. The following statement was written on the 25th anniversary of our club by the then president; Chris Bushman. His words are timeless and remain true to today.

Koi are only the focal point of this effort called koi keeping – only a tiny bull’s-eye on a huge target.

A very large part of the rest of the target is about people, koi people – their passion, their commitment, their thirst for knowledge, their reaching out to help others, their hopes and dreams, their enthusiasm, their unabated lust to optimize the quality of life – koi are merely the core around which this fabric of human endeavor is wound.

I like my koi but I treasure my koi friends.

ZNA SoCal remains focused on providing a means whereby any and all individuals who have an interest in the koi keeping hobby can come together with others who share their passion. Many of the members of this chapter have been keeping koi for over 50 years and have a wealth of information, and experience, and expertise to share

Monthly meetings are held on a Sunday from 10 a.m. to noon at various locations around the greater southern California area. Sites may be the homes of club members, or at other times at koi dealerships.

Special events are scheduled during the year; annual koi auction, Holiday luncheon, and the annual open koi show.

When you join ZNA SoCal you’ll get our monthly e-mail newsletter with information on upcoming meetings and events.

This is your opportunity to get together with other koi hobbyist and learn all about selecting, raising and showing koi. Not only that, this is where you’ll get information from the experts about building your pond, keeping your fish healthy, and even picking up a new fish or two.

To become a MEMBER – click on the “Membership” page link at the top o this page, download the application, complete it and mail it to us!

ZNA SoCal Chapter Koi Show

ZNA SoCal Chapter 43rd Annual Koi Show

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