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Ryuichi Yoshida

Japan Pet Design Koi Food (JPD Koi Food)

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Ryuichi Yoshida is the CEO of  Japan Pet Design Company. 
JPD has a proud history of experience and credence of around 200 year as a breeder, a medicine and equipment manufacturer, and a food producer. Please read more about his company at

Tony Prew

All Japan Koi

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Tony Prew is the president of All Japan Koi. He has been involved in several previous Koi Business's with twenty years experience: Keeping Koi, Fish Health, Filter Design: Vortex Systems, Rectangular Filters, Barrel Filters, Bottom Drains up to six inches. He have twenty Years experience traveling to Japan with groups of customers purchasing and importing Koi and Fancy Goldfish. He also have twenty Years Designing and Building Koi Ponds. He also creates custom built Nets up to 36 inch Diameter.

Jane Maneerat

Koi Photographer

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Sawadee Krub (Hello in Thai), my name is Jane and I am from Thailand. 

Between DSLR cameras and Koi, it was definitely Koi that I knew first. I have been a Koi keeper since 2003. I like it very much that's why I built my own Koi pond where I live. To understand the developments of Koi, a good camera is always helpful. My first camera was a compact camera. One day, there was this owner of a Fish Magazine, who was interested in taking pictures of my Koi. When I saw the Koi photos that he took I simply fell in love and I was eager to know more about Koi photography and DSLR cameras.

Giovanni Carlo P Bagayas


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I started fish keeping during my primary school days. I started keeping fish by catching guppies in the canal and rivers in addition to guppies are catfish, gobbie, barb and tilapia. My first fish that I bought at the pet store is goldfish and then I start buying other fishes like platy, mollies, swordtail, convict, betta etc. In koi keeping, I started at early 90's my first kois are kohakus, sanke and bekko.

Sumi Promod

Koi Enthusiast, Koi Interviewer and Koi Hobbyist

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When Promod and I moved to our new home, we build our koi pond. We learned from some expensive and hard mistakes. So we thought we will help others by sharing the things we learn. I does most of the interviews and website updates on Koi TV®. I am also responsible for vendor relationship and advertisement management on Koi TV®. 

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